Our mission is to pave the way for the growth of DEFI adoption. This happens when the users feel confident enough to explore the blockchain space without the fear of massive losses due to scams and shady blockchain projects. The Tattoo Protocol will not only raise awareness of potential scams but will also instruct new investors on what to look for in order to avoid investing in high-risk projects. Our multi-chain launchpad will offer protection in the form of investment insurance, ensuring investors who participate in presales on the tattoo shop launchpad have minimal to no risk other than market fluctuations and volatility. The blockchain has been riddled with NFT mint and go projects, causing massive losses to both new and seasoned investors looking to participate in the NFT revolution. Our NFT minting platform keeps project owners honest, making sure a certain number of roadmap obligations are fulfilled before 70% of funds can be released.

Tattoo Inu is the native rewards token operating on the ERC 20 network. Tattoo Inu is completely decentralized and community-driven. Our token can be purchased, traded, and earned through multiple utilities within the protocol. There is a 10% tax on all token transactions that is placed in the insurance pool. Upon the expiration of any insured projects on the tattoo shop launchpad, 20% of the insurance pool will be put into a lottery and distributed to 100 holders in the form of USDT. The amount you receive will be determined by the percentage of Tattoo Inu your wallet holds. The more you hold the more you earn.

Any coin/token presale listed in the tattoo shop, the project owner will have the option to insure investors’ funds from 25% to 100%. The tattoo shop will secure a percentage of the project presale depending on the percentage of investment funds the token creator wishes to insure. Upon finalizing and sending the token/coin to the market, the insurance funds will be locked away in the tattoo shop token factory. If the project stays true and does not steal investor’s money (rugpull) the project owner can claim the insurance funds after a period of no longer than 90 days minus the tattoo shop 10% administration fee. If the project does not meet its obligation, the tattoo shop will refund all investors their initial presale investment. Refund amounts will be determined by the percentage of the project that was insured. All insured projects must be KYC’d.



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